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Committed to engineering excellence since 1992


We are a Multi disciplined team providing Process Control, Engineering and Project Management services from concept to project completion.

We aim to assist our clients to fulfill their objectives and challenges through design, management and construction. Our depth of technical and practical expertise enables creative, innovative and economical solutions to meet our client’s goals.

Sibor's primary mission is to provide automated control systems that provide manufacturing advantage and assurance throughout an enterprise.

To do this successfully we supply the complete package from analysis of requirement, through application development and build: writing software, selecting components and assembling into the building blocks of a fully functioning and validated solution.

Our applications can run as local stand-alone systems or fully networked solutions communicating over Ethernet/IP. 

Established in 1992 to provide industrial automation across most sectors of industry, Sibor has concentrated in recent years on the energy sector and continues to expand its expertise in this area of operation. 

The future lies in continually improving our processes to provide effective solutions that will deliver performance enhancements to all our customers

Providing a complete design and build service across all facets of manufacturing and automation control, Sibor has developed a reputation for professionalism and technical excellence coupled with an ability to manage complex projects.

Control systems are the bedrock of today's industrial environment. At their most basic level they remove the routine from human hands and hence that potential for error, but with production processes becoming ever more demanding and manufacturing tolerances in raw materials and batch mix parameters reducing, the need for enterprise wide control systems is now more important than ever.

Data can be collected and actions taken through a variety of industrial devices and data management applications for logging, scaling and trending purposes and the resultant information displayed locally or remotely.

Providing the human interface with the machine, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are evolving to meet the needs of today's engineers and operators across a wide range of functionality. 

Our customers enjoy highly reliable, robustly engineered designs and installations time after time.

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